Have you ever heard of the term “””love”””.Actually to start off it’s imperative to mention that I’m not putting any disclaimer over this issue.It’s all subjective and whoever feels contented with it will approve completely.

If you are the sun,I’m the daylight…Okay that didn’t come off well.But note that the actual tussle of the whole world is to love unconditionally and to come to it’s validation,it’s contagious.Yeah it’s contagious because every other folk is shouting out the name of love like they know the ultimate definition of love.

Now delving right into the arena,I have come to know that the more you admire somebody with the assumption that the other person has your back,the more you get yourself engulfed in that venomous feeling.

It’s venomous not because the situation is worsening of late….

We don’t know the definition of love.And yes it’s true.

It’s mutual respect that overhauls everything.Until we have that for anybody,we maintain the ultimate dignity of “””love”””.Once that fades away,it’s all overriding again.

We confess and we fail…. Everytime.

Yes that’s actually sucks in today’s day and age.It’s so dramatic that we actually concede the foremost value of amigos.

It’s all in “befriending”

Infact it’s everything today.

A mere ‘I love you’ ruins it all for most of them as now it’s about fulfilling the sole purpose of saying it in the first place.

So when should we say it???…

It’s all latent…and if both of you realise this then you have that elemental chip called mutual respect.

You don’t need to say it until it becomes a routine for you.

Just clearing your stance over a statement ain’t solving the riddle,rather be patient with your words and respect your true identity.

That is,befriend everyone and you’ll feel a spark,a jolt,a lucid, dazzling pint of hope in your head……Yes that’s “””love”””.

8 thoughts on “Befriended

  1. The mutual respect that you talk of is very difficult to find these days. But if you do, you hold on to it.
    Very well expressed thoughts.

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    1. Indeed!! Truth eludes us every now and then.Knowing it’s(mutual respect) essential,we don’t stand firm on that.

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  2. when should we say it?

    good question

    yes, its thrown out there as frivolous words

    may be due to movies n tv

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    1. When you feel you will fall for those commitments. Mutual respect is always the key. Movies are indeed fantasies but imbibed from real life only.

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  3. The word itself have different meanings and used for different purposes, so whenever we say the word ”’love”’ we should clarify in what way!

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      1. Well that’s true as well 😁

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