The shady shot.

Was wondering what to do with the toss up between passing time with a movie or taking a shot.

Contemplating on every action gets me bored.Rather taking it spontaneous makes it more fun.Moreover being a pandit is never going to heal the agonising quest of being a explorer.

I took this a while ago and all that humblebrag up this photo is not to get this blog a length for heaven’s sake.Got this toy along with an onion rings over a snack this evening.Ain’t that much into playing with them,so grabbed it to click something shady.

Hope you like the photo and not dwell much into the follow through with the detail.

First I watched a movie,then that thought prevailed…(to take a toy-snap).

A nice way to veil the day eventually..


Reprieve from….

Here’s a shout out to the free and wandering soul.

A dazzling pint nudges your sense that you actually need a reprieve from the daily tussles.

Of all the combats you’ve ever had ,the most tiring,cumbersome feat still seems far away,so far away…..

Should we manage to waffle on the things which ain’t necessary for the time being or should we just get hold of the reality and accept ourselves as part of nature?

I don’t know the answer for the consequences which I’ll bear will entirely bomb on me.

Complete new exposure to things would get you the actual feedback we need.Appreciating the combats we encounter doesn’t guarantee sheer pleasure and peace but leads us to believe that we have the control of the ongoing happenings.

Seemingly unclear about what exactly should we reprieve from or need to reprieve is vague!!

We won’t get the answers straightaway and we don’t need them that soon either.So it’s all about contemplating our actions or rather our thoughts(positives/negatives).

That’s our reprieve…..from all the run of events whether anticipated or unprecedented.


Have you ever heard of the term “””love”””.Actually to start off it’s imperative to mention that I’m not putting any disclaimer over this issue.It’s all subjective and whoever feels contented with it will approve completely.

If you are the sun,I’m the daylight…Okay that didn’t come off well.But note that the actual tussle of the whole world is to love unconditionally and to come to it’s validation,it’s contagious.Yeah it’s contagious because every other folk is shouting out the name of love like they know the ultimate definition of love.

Now delving right into the arena,I have come to know that the more you admire somebody with the assumption that the other person has your back,the more you get yourself engulfed in that venomous feeling.

It’s venomous not because the situation is worsening of late….

We don’t know the definition of love.And yes it’s true.

It’s mutual respect that overhauls everything.Until we have that for anybody,we maintain the ultimate dignity of “””love”””.Once that fades away,it’s all overriding again.

We confess and we fail…. Everytime.

Yes that’s actually sucks in today’s day and age.It’s so dramatic that we actually concede the foremost value of amigos.

It’s all in “befriending”

Infact it’s everything today.

A mere ‘I love you’ ruins it all for most of them as now it’s about fulfilling the sole purpose of saying it in the first place.

So when should we say it???…

It’s all latent…and if both of you realise this then you have that elemental chip called mutual respect.

You don’t need to say it until it becomes a routine for you.

Just clearing your stance over a statement ain’t solving the riddle,rather be patient with your words and respect your true identity.

That is,befriend everyone and you’ll feel a spark,a jolt,a lucid, dazzling pint of hope in your head……Yes that’s “””love”””.

Un-reciprocated love

Well,that’s soul stirring.

You ask anyone about motherly love they seek and the person will just go on and on about it.

What I infer from the figure is when you receive the ardent love from your ma,it’s not because you deserve it neither you can say you don’t need.It’s because it’s her duty to take care of her child no matter what you hold underneath.

Well,I will try to put it a bit differently here.When you take a cue from movies where mother-son revelling moments strike our eyes all of us just feel that bit for our ma.Infact whatsapp status of my friends with their mothers is captivating as well.

Look,I am not ridiculing anything here.I just want to say that loving your mom and actually reciprocating it is entirely different. It comes down as a subjective idea to love your mother.Ask anyone and why would they disagree.I don’t have that rapport with my mother and that’s why I mean it and probably finding it tough to explain here.All those typical mother-son camaraderie is an extravaganza for me.

Does it mean I don’t love my mother?

Well on a subjective front,I’d say I’ll love my mother only when I’ll actually become a son.

What’s my role then?

To explain that,I need to figure out what exactly is the criteria of a good son.To me it’s not the frequent gifts on every mother’s day neither calling her every morning about my whereabouts.It’s about realising what she desires actually,i.e,I live peacefully.Well that gets a bit selfish but yes that’s what she wants.

What I want to say is that I will do anything that will assure her about my well being no matter whether I’m calling her or greeting her on mother’s day.

To be able to reciprocate the love is always a vague idea as I would never be able to give her back in that way.

It’s about getting my life in track and pursue a prosperous life and that would make her happy because that will make it spontaneous and I want it that way.

Spontaneous love is what endears me and to be able to give her back in such a way would be enticing.

Meek encounter with destiny

Can’t call on my encounter with destiny as I haven’t lived to the fullest yet,but to be able to emphasise the ratio of contentment and disappointment is a vague idea.

That’s more like a stifled viewpoint on my journey based on just the one fact of contentment and disappointment specifically.

Now dwelling right into the matter,I feel a sudden stir of enthusiasm embarking on this venture that was provoked or rather driven by the wandering and discontented mind.I’m trying to bring out the aspect of appreciating yourself on every aspect of your life.

If you feel bad about something genuinely then just be pissed off.If you feel driven and glad about something then just embrace the feeling and let go of the apprehension.

Right now I’m in my college studying engineering and hope to build an independent future for myself where everything I do will contribute to my journey. Generally, getting dragged by somebody else’s propaganda has been my highlight so far.And now I won’t say I have become independent but certainly have started portraying myself as an independent individual.

The most funny and ironical thing is that I don’t have any special story of me achieving a sumptuous feat that would stir your hearts and drive you.Only thing is that my journey is still going on and I’m trying to move my life into spontaneity and being zero judgemental about it.

I’m not here because of my ardent desire to be a blogger or a writer but the fact that I said about not getting stifled and spontaneity is what brought me here.

I lack the ability to work hard when there isn’t that one spark of enlightenment.

This venture is unprecedented and hoping to get the best out of it would be being sceptical.

So frankly,I wish it enlightens me to move forward keeping my head on the way and not anyone else’s.