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About the blog

No waffling on about how raw and intricate thoughts crawled upon me and prompted me to start blogging. The major yardstick I tend to adhere to is to maintain spontaneity and being natural towards expressing my mind.

I don’t intend to sway the perspectives here but I’m not even here to just post and wait for the audience to crawl towards me. That’s not how things go here. It’s about sharing experiences with the inquisitive minds over this platform.

Okay,enough humblebrag about how I’m going to carry out the task “zero to one”. Being an amateur,it’s not about maneuvering on the worldwide facets. This blogging venture entirely cherishes my love for writing petty things occurring on a regular basis.

Here’s wishing that we all relish the art of reading and writing exchanging views maintaining a fruitful camaraderie.

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