Un-reciprocated love

Well,that’s soul stirring.

You ask anyone about motherly love they seek and the person will just go on and on about it.

What I infer from the figure is when you receive the ardent love from your ma,it’s not because you deserve it neither you can say you don’t need.It’s because it’s her duty to take care of her child no matter what you hold underneath.

Well,I will try to put it a bit differently here.When you take a cue from movies where mother-son revelling moments strike our eyes all of us just feel that bit for our ma.Infact whatsapp status of my friends with their mothers is captivating as well.

Look,I am not ridiculing anything here.I just want to say that loving your mom and actually reciprocating it is entirely different. It comes down as a subjective idea to love your mother.Ask anyone and why would they disagree.I don’t have that rapport with my mother and that’s why I mean it and probably finding it tough to explain here.All those typical mother-son camaraderie is an extravaganza for me.

Does it mean I don’t love my mother?

Well on a subjective front,I’d say I’ll love my mother only when I’ll actually become a son.

What’s my role then?

To explain that,I need to figure out what exactly is the criteria of a good son.To me it’s not the frequent gifts on every mother’s day neither calling her every morning about my whereabouts.It’s about realising what she desires actually,i.e,I live peacefully.Well that gets a bit selfish but yes that’s what she wants.

What I want to say is that I will do anything that will assure her about my well being no matter whether I’m calling her or greeting her on mother’s day.

To be able to reciprocate the love is always a vague idea as I would never be able to give her back in that way.

It’s about getting my life in track and pursue a prosperous life and that would make her happy because that will make it spontaneous and I want it that way.

Spontaneous love is what endears me and to be able to give her back in such a way would be enticing.

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