Reprieve from….

Here’s a shout out to the free and wandering soul.

A dazzling pint nudges your sense that you actually need a reprieve from the daily tussles.

Of all the combats you’ve ever had ,the most tiring,cumbersome feat still seems far away,so far away…..

Should we manage to waffle on the things which ain’t necessary for the time being or should we just get hold of the reality and accept ourselves as part of nature?

I don’t know the answer for the consequences which I’ll bear will entirely bomb on me.

Complete new exposure to things would get you the actual feedback we need.Appreciating the combats we encounter doesn’t guarantee sheer pleasure and peace but leads us to believe that we have the control of the ongoing happenings.

Seemingly unclear about what exactly should we reprieve from or need to reprieve is vague!!

We won’t get the answers straightaway and we don’t need them that soon either.So it’s all about contemplating our actions or rather our thoughts(positives/negatives).

That’s our reprieve…..from all the run of events whether anticipated or unprecedented.

2 thoughts on “Reprieve from….

    1. Hope I didn’t waffle on…I respect your stance as it’s subjective.Please add on your thoughts as I would love to have a hear from a better experienced person.

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