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The change-up

Well,being an Asian(that too an Indian) it’s quite normal to be a little spiritual about things.That’s an absolute given.

Statistics ruin the day!!

Who’ll end up there? I think no one.🙂

Yeah they suck!They sabotage the absolute meaning of “healthy competition”.Stats sort of help us develop the tendency to feel short of something.Maybe they are a “blessing in disguise” but mostly they bomb in your own backyard.

Contentment- Again a camouflage!!

Yeah that’s the whole point.We dodge contentment so eloquently that the sheer fact of comparison with others ultimately crushes us.

It’s so easy being stupid and let them wallow than being all maimed about the mightier…!


Have fun with your self pity then!

It’s easy as well.Infact most of us are pretty great at it.So deep in that innocuous trivial world.No matter how hard we try,a mere niggle in the stat makes us reap for life maybe.period.

Watch out for the sapphire..!

There’s this watchman in my college who plays flute in his own charm and elegance.It’s so soothing to walk past him with the tunes nudging my chords.

He seems to be meek and submissive in his journey who couldn’t hold on to his passion dearly.And it’s true to loathe him for that but how often do we stretch ourselves to think about our little sapphires inherent in us??

Never….And that’s not an understatement!!

It still remains etched in my mind as to how this goes on and on with us in an infinite loop.We stumble upon new things either getting cheered up or knocked down.

Though for a respite,try a change up maybe.

Get into various shoes and who knows what’s in store for you,i.e,the answer you were feverishly looking for.


8 thoughts on “The change-up

  1. they say until you don’t try – how will you know – the myriad of thoughts

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    1. It’s all about the waiting game.😄

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  2. Shantanu, rightly says, until you don’t try you won’t know. 😀

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  3. It felt nice to be ”myself” when I tried.


    1. But yeah it’s worth a challenge😄


  4. Very well said. We are never in others’ shoes and so quick to judge people. I can picture this guy playing flute and built his image in my college in Pune 🙂

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