Out of my depth..??

Vulnerability is good…??

Ain’t we forced to look at what really matters… what’s right.

It’s a clear shot that it’s not always cheerful,the apprehension.

You wouldn’t mind being stuck when you know your way out.Well that rests on “YOU”.That means you ain’t muddled up.

You won’t figure yourself out everytime.So what then…???

How to get away…??

You feel stuck..?Cheer up.You got options here.

(All ears)

  • Get through the grind.

You may either come out as invincible or extremely drained.But certainly you won’t feel on the edge anymore.It will surely eat up your time and thus can’t be complacent.

  • Back out

Imposing it seems.Sure as hell,it’s tough.It’s very easy to relate here.So intricate it is that sometimes being spirituality right might cost us the way out.Basically knowing your instincts here helps to a great stretch.

What’s right…?

Embarking on the road of vulnerability is right..!

Feels light ,always, to have it right there carved that the way out is an abstract reckoning.

You always want a Victory.Why??

You are living under the rocks if you don’t know how to L-E-A-R-N.

It’s not about right or wrong.It’s about doing in your capacity without entitling yourself “SPECIAL”.

6 thoughts on “Out of my depth..??

  1. Super motivating Samyak..may I add following the heart and pushing self to be in place seeking happiness.

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    1. It’s great of you to take notice of this post.I’ll be eager to get an add on from anyone’s side.Will truly appreciate it.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. An absolutely inspiring post.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Overwhelmed that you went through it.Thank you

      Liked by 1 person

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